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EARLY SHORT PIECES (1958 - 1964) 8 pages - $18.00
Donkey Flags
Ictus Walking Woman
Phishes Batterie
Vashkar Closer
Floater Syndrome
Around Again Violin
And Now The Queen Generous 1
King Korn
SONGS WITHOUT WORDS (1961 - 1975) 19 pages - $30.00
Jesus Maria Doctor
Vox Humana Sad Song
Sing Me Softly Of The Blues Drinking Music
Ad Infinitum Rose
Ida Lupino Wrong Key Donkey
Oni Puladi A New Hymn
SONGS FROM A GENUINE TONG FUNERAL (1967) 11 pages - $23.00
Grave Train The New Funeral March
Intermission Music The New National Anthem
Silent Spring The Survivors
Mother of the Dead Man
ESCALATOR OVER THE HILL (1968 - 1971) words by Paul Haines    120 pages - $60.00
Hotel Overture Doctor Why
This is Here… Slow Dance
Like Animals Smalltown Agonist
Escalator Over The Hill End of Head
Stay Awake Over Her Head
Ginger and David Little Pony Soldier
Song To Anything That Moves Oh Say Can You Do?
Flags Holiday in Risk
EOTH theme Holiday in Risk theme
Businessmen A.I.R. (All India Radio)
Ginger and David theme Rawalpindi Blues
Why End of Animals
It's Not What You Do …And It's Again
Detective Writer Daughter
SONGS WITH WORDS (1972 - 1976) 16 pages - $30.00
Law (words - W.H. Auden)
As In Ecuador (words - Paul Haines)
Song Sung Long (words - Paul Haines)
Dreams So Real (words - Paul Haines and Mick Taylor)
Dining Alone (words - John Hunt and Carla Bley)
TROPIC APPETITES (1973) words by Paul Haines 31 pages - $45.00
What Will Be Left Between Us and the Moon Tonight?
In India
Enormous Tots
Caucasian Bird Riffles
Funnybird Song
Moth's Eyes
Indonesian Dock Sucking Supreme
Song of the Jungle Stream
EIGHT PIECES FOR PIANO (1987)      11 pages - $23.00
Romantic Notions
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